Friday, January 13, 2006

"Otona" Identity

On Monday, it was Coming-of-Age Day, which is a Japanese custom. We celebrate people who's come of age. I went to city hall and met friends who also has come of age( However, some people are still 19 years old.) After the celemony held by Sagamihara, we had a drinking party . We enjoyed chatting a good old memory.

However, I wondered what "adult" is. I become 20 years old. I took part in Coming-of-Age celemony, but did I become adult? Anyway, I'll do my best for anything as possible as I can do. I would be an adult like living proof for children.

Monday, December 05, 2005

How do we pass the experience of war to younger generationⅠ

First of all, I'm sorry for not writing a Blog recently. I was very busy with studying, part-time job and adviser group.

Then, about school forum on Saturday. This forum was held because there were irrelevant expressions which hurt Okinawa people in the entrance exam questions of Aoyama Gakuin Senior Highschool this year. They were only people who were extremely damaged by the ground operation of America. Therefore, this forum was held to recompense for them.

The theme is "How do we understand and pass the experience of war to youger generation". I felt that it is so difficult to do so, because I felt that actually; I mean, the speeech by the woman who experienced the war in Aoyama Gakuin Campus struck me more than other speakers.
There are other three people who had a speech, but they never experience wars. She told her experience in detail. After the big air attack destructed Shibuya while there're so many tall buildings today. A large number of burned body were lying on the ground. As far as I see Shibuya today, I could'nt believe that.

That's all for today. I' ll write consideration to attend the forum.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Interview a non-Japanese person

Yesterday, we had a presentation about the interview with a foreigner in Japan. This is a sum of my presentation. I asked 10questions to my friend who's from New York. He's stayed in Japan for a year totally. Before he came here, he had some cultural stereo-types against Japan. For example, every Japanese people can do Karate and judo. Also, he had thought that all of us had black hair and bad vision. Of course, he noticed they are diffrent at all. What I felt most interesting is Japanese English. Although Japanese people don't speak fluent English, he can understand them( he also said he sometimes feels confused with them.) However, he said that everybody speaks to him in English because he is white, therefore it's discrimination for him. Some foreign people told me discrimination against him. I wrote a part of it in previous Blog. I was surprised to hear him. Anyway, he likes Japan and is trying to study language hard.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

illegal immigarants

According to Asahi Shinbun (2005, Nov 27), the Conference on illegal immigrants in Europe will be held next year. It's a very serious problem between Africa and Europe. For example, Second or Third- generation immigrants caused recent riots in frence. A great number of illegal immigrants go there via Morocco. Today, Morocco is in a dilemma between European countries and immigrants in Africa. It's the first time to have a conference among accepting countries and sending countries.

Anyway, it is also important for us. Now the number of illegal immigrants is increasing in Japan. We need to think of solution like these;
1, to decrease the number
2, to hold people in their country by solving the poverty
I will follow this news.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

interview a non-Japanese person

The other day, I had an interview with a non-Japanese person who is living in Japan. I asked 10 questions to my friend who's from New York. He' s studying Japanese hard. I think his actual lived experience help us study English. On next Monday, we will have a presentation using the interview. I'm gonna tell you that after my presentation.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Okonomiyaki Party☆★

Yesterday,I had a okonomiyaki party with adviser group members. We invited exchange students in Aoyama. Most of them have had okonomiyaki before, but it was the first time for them to try Monjayaki. They looked so fun! We discussed a lot of things like this; English speakers don't agree that mayonnaise is put on a okonomiyaki, because it should poured on only salad or sandwiches. They feel it awful that Japanese people put it on various kinds of food. Some people put even on rice. Of course, I feel this is disgusting.

The issue I felt interesting most is discrimination against Gaijin. They said they felt it everyday; they mean that there're some night clubs which refuse foreingners entrance to it. They also told us that they’ve seen a sign said "NO FOREIGNERS" at some barbershops. I had thought that there could be seen discrimination against them in Japan, but I was surprised to hear such bad ones. I am a Japanese, so I didn't notice them. When I stayed in the US, I never saw such signs. Don't you think that Japan is strange?

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Diversity in the US~ my experience

I don't usually think of diversity in my daily life, but I did in the US. This September, I visited Palo Alto where it takes 50minutes from San Fransisco by car. At the language school, there were many people coming from all over the world. No other Japanese students in the class, and I was conscious that I am Japanese.

I also felt diversity around my host family's house. There is a small district where Chinese and Korean people are living, and I saw a lot of sigh written in Chinese character and the Hangul alphabet. The commnity holds language lessons twice a week for them . They try to learn English and mix well in American society.

The above talk is just my experience. I think diversity in the US is good. I felt much more people respect other culture than Japanese. However, in this country where Diversity is established greatly, there's still racial discrimination we must not neglect at all. I'm interested in it. So, I will consider discrimination in American diversity next time.